[Numpy-discussion] Seg fault from numpy.rec.fromarrays

Dan Yamins dyamins@gmail....
Tue Mar 24 17:09:38 CDT 2009

Hi all,

I'm having a seg fault error from numpy.rec.fromarrays.

I have a python list
    L = [Col1, Col2]
where Col1 and Col2 are python lists of short strings (the max length of
Col1 strings is 4 chars and max length of Col2 is 7 chars).  The len of Col1
and Col2 is about 11500.

Then I attempt
   >>> A = numpy.rec.fromarrays(L,names = ['Aggregates','__color__'])

This should produce a  numpy record array with two columns, one called
'Aggregates', the other called '__color__'.

In and of it self, this runs.  But then when I attempt to look at the
contents of A, running the __getitem__ method, say by doing:

   >>> print A
   >>> A.tolist()
   >>> A[0]

then I get a seg fault error.  (Acutally, the segfault only occurs about 80%
of the time I run these commands.)

However, the __getitem__ method does work to produce attribute arrays from
column names , e.g.

  >>> Ag =  A['Aggregates']


  >>> col =  A['__color__']

both produce (apparently) completely correct and working numpy arrays.

Moreover, If I pickle the object A before looking at it, everything works
fine.   E.g. if I execute:

   >>> Hold_A = A.dumps()
   >>> A = numpy.loads(Hold_A)

then A seems to work fine.

(Also:  pickling the list L = [Col1,Col2] first, before running the
numpy.rec.fromarrays method, does not always fix the segfault.)

Can someone explain why this might be happening, and how I can fix it
(without having to use the pickling hack)?

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