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F. David del Campo Hill delcampo@stats.ox.ac...
Wed Mar 25 07:50:27 CDT 2009

Dear David,

	I did not have any problems in extracting the three EXE installers (numpy-1.3.0b1-nosse.exe, numpy-1.3.0b1-sse2.exe, numpy-1.3.0b1-sse3.exe) from the superpack (7zip can do that with a right-click), it is when I tried to extract the files inside the per-arch installers that I realized they did not have MSI packages inside and I could not go any further. So, yes, if the three architecture installers were MSI files, that would solve my problems as I would be able to extract and install them separately.

	Also (and pardon me if this is a stupid question), wouldn't the non-SSE installer work anywhere (albeit more slowly)?



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Hi Davie,

F. David del Campo Hill wrote:
> 	Sometimes, EXE setup packages are just MSI packages wrapped in an EXE file, that is why I tried to extract the files from your superpack (without luck).

Currently, with the superpack installer, the individual per arch
installers can be extracted easily from the command line. If the
superpack used MSI internally, would that solve your problem ? I am
worried about distributing the per arch msi directly, but someone who
would extract the msi from the super pack installer would be a


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