[Numpy-discussion] Seg fault from numpy.rec.fromarrays

Bruce Southey bsouthey@gmail....
Wed Mar 25 08:36:31 CDT 2009

Dan Yamins wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm having a seg fault error from numpy.rec.fromarrays.  
> I have a python list
>     L = [Col1, Col2]
> where Col1 and Col2 are python lists of short strings (the max length 
> of Col1 strings is 4 chars and max length of Col2 is 7 chars).  The 
> len of Col1 and Col2 is about 11500.
> Then I attempt
>    >>> A = numpy.rec.fromarrays(L,names = ['Aggregates','__color__'])

So what happens when you set the dtype here?

Since you have variable lengths of strings, numpy probably has guessed 
incorrectly. I would also check that Col1 and Col2 are what you expect, 
especially the minimum lengths and really are strings.

Can you provide a small example that exhibits the problem?


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