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	Yes, I agree that kind of "complexity filter" (hey, I just invented a phrase!) would probably work, though it should be theoretically possible to create a conditional execution within a MSI package using WIX.

	Now for the critical question: when?


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On Wed, Mar 25, 2009 at 9:50 PM, F. David del Campo Hill
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>        Also (and pardon me if this is a stupid question), wouldn't the non-SSE installer work anywhere (albeit more slowly)?

Yes, it would - but then people would complain about numpy being slow,
etc... because average users would install the msi, ask the difference
with the superpack, etc... I may be misguided, but I make a strong
difference between making a msi available as in the case of win64
installers, and making it possible for a user to extract the msi from
the superpack. The later inherently filters people who don't like to
bother with "details" such as CPU support.

The superpack solved almost all issues we had on windows, and I would
prefer keeping it that way.


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