[Numpy-discussion] numpy v1.2.0 vs 1.2.1 and setup_tools

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Thu Mar 26 19:20:22 CDT 2009


I ran into the following problem: 

I have easy_installable packages which list numpy as a dependency. numpy itself is installed in the system's site-packages directory and works fine.

When running a python setup.py install of the package with numpy v1.2.0 installed, everything works fine. When running the same command with numpy 1.2.1 installed, it tries to download a numpy tar file from Pypi and to compile and install it again. It looks as if v1.2.1 isn't providing the relevant information to the setup tools, but 1.2.0 did.

I don't know about v1.3.0b1 yet - I have difficulties to compile that currently (another email). I'd be more than willing to track this down, but is there anybody who could give me a starting point where I should start to look?

Many thanks,


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