[Numpy-discussion] numpy v1.2.0 vs 1.2.1 and setup_tools

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Thu Mar 26 21:45:04 CDT 2009

v1.3.0b1 has the same problem - setup_tools doesn't seem to recognize
that numpy is already installed in the system's site-packages directory.

Maybe I should add that I'm using virtualenv to generate a test environment
which includes the systems site-packages; setup_tools does seem recognize 
other packages which are only available there (e.g., scipy or netCDF4 if 
specified as a requirement for the install... strange. It also doesn't seem 
to work for tables (2.1, so not the newest version)).

Any ideas on what might be going on?

Thanks a lot,


----- "Christian Marquardt" <christian@marquardt.sc> wrote:

> Hello!
> I ran into the following problem: 
> I have easy_installable packages which list numpy as a dependency.
> numpy itself is installed in the system's site-packages directory and
> works fine.
> When running a python setup.py install of the package with numpy
> v1.2.0 installed, everything works fine. When running the same command
> with numpy 1.2.1 installed, it tries to download a numpy tar file from
> Pypi and to compile and install it again. It looks as if v1.2.1 isn't
> providing the relevant information to the setup tools, but 1.2.0 did.
> I don't know about v1.3.0b1 yet - I have difficulties to compile that
> currently (another email). I'd be more than willing to track this
> down, but is there anybody who could give me a starting point where I
> should start to look?
> Many thanks,
>   Christian.
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