[Numpy-discussion] Numpy v1.3.0b1 on Linux w/ Intel compilers - unknown file type

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Thu Mar 26 21:45:22 CDT 2009

2009/3/26 Christian Marquardt <christian@marquardt.sc>

> Hmm.
> I downloaded the beta tar file and started from the untarred contents plus
> a patch for the Intel compilers
> (some changes of the command line arguments for the compiler and a added
> setup.cfg file specifying the
> paths to the Intel MKL libraries) which applied cleanly. I then ran
>    python setup.py config --compiler=intel config_fc --fcompiler=intel
> build_clib --compiler=intel build_ext --compiler=intel install
> which failed.
> After playing around a bit, I found that it seems that the build_clib
> --compiler=intel subcommand which
> causes the trouble; after disabling it, that is with
>    python setup.py config --compiler=intel config_fc --fcompiler=intel
> build_ext --compiler=intel install
> things compile fine - and all but four of the unit tests fail
> (test_linalg.TestEigh and test_linalg.TestEigvalsh
> in both test_csingle and test_cdouble - should I be worried?)

Four unit tests fail, or all fail except four? I assume you meant the
former. I'm not sure what the failures mean, can you check if they are
really bad or just some numbers a little bit off. I'm guessing these
routines are calling into MKL.

> How are the .src files converted?

The *.xxx.src files are templates that are processed by
numpy/distutils/conv_template.py to produce *.xxx files. When you have to
repeat basically the same code with umpteen different types a bit of
automation helps. The actual conversion is controlled by the setup/scons
files, I don't remember exactly where.

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