[Numpy-discussion] Numpy v1.3.0b1 on Linux w/ Intel compilers - unknown file type

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Thu Mar 26 22:06:13 CDT 2009

2009/3/26 Christian Marquardt <christian@marquardt.sc>

> Oh sorry - you are right (too late in the night here in Europe).
> The output is similar in all four cases - it looks like
> AssertionError:
> Arrays are not almost equal
> (mismatch 100.0%)
>  x: array([ 4.60555124+0.j, -2.60555124+0.j], dtype=complex64)
>  y: array([-2.60555124 +1.11022302e-16j,  4.60555124 -1.11022302e-16j],
> dtype=complex64)
> Are x and y the expected and actual results? That would just show that
> there
> are small rounding errors in the imaginary part, and that MKL returns the
> results
> in another order, no?

Looks like a sorting error, the eigen values should be sorted. So it looks
like a buggy test from here. Having an imaginary part to the eigenvalues
returned by a routine that is supposed to process Hermitean matrices doesn't
look right, but the errors are in the double precision range, which is
pretty good for float32.

I think we need a ticket to fix those tests.

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