[Numpy-discussion] Normalization of ifft

Lutz Maibaum lutz.maibaum@gmail....
Fri Mar 27 11:52:05 CDT 2009

Hi Joe,

> Travis has freed his original book and large parts of it (e.g.,
> the C API docs) are now being incorporated into the
> actively-maintained manuals at docs.scipy.org.  Please go there for
> the latest docs.  You'll find that the fft section gives the 1/n
> formula when discussing ifft.

Thanks for the explanation. It sounds like the ebook "Guide to Numpy"
is no longer being updated. If that is the case, it might be useful to
maintain a list of errata.

> I can see where Lutz got the impression that Guide to Numpy was the
> doc to read.  The descriptions of books on both numpy.scipy.org and
> docs.scipy.org do give that impression.

That is indeed what happened. As someone who had never used Numpy
before, I figured the "mature" documentation, while possibly not
entirely up to date, would be the best start.

> I haven't
> checked in detail but much of the rest of Guide to Numpy is now
> included in the Reference Guide.  Would it be ok to put some words on
> both sites to the effect that the RG is the place to go for routine,
> class, and module docs, or (possibly) just the place to go, period?

That is probably a good idea. However, it seems to me that the
reference guide might not be the best place to starts if one wants to
learn Numpy from scratch. I guess the Numpy User Guide will eventually
replace the Guide to Numpy in that role, but it looks rather
incomplete for now.

Thanks for clearing this up,


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