[Numpy-discussion] Command line args for the Intel compilers (32 bit)

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Sun Mar 29 06:28:10 CDT 2009


I've been carrying these modifcations of the build-in compiler
command line arguments for the 32-bit Intel compilers for quite 
some while now; maybe they are interesting for other people as 
well... I've been using this with ifort (IFORT) 10.1 20080801 
on a Suse Linux 10.3.

Rationale for individual changes:

 - numpy-1.3.0rc1/numpy/distutils/fcompiler/intel.py:

   - For pentiumM's, options are changed from '-tpp7 -xB' to '-xN': 
        The compiler documentation says that -tpp<?> and -xB are 
        deprecated and will be removed in future versions.
   - 'linker_so' gets an additional "-xN": If code is compiled 
        with -x<?>, additional "vector math" libraries (libvml*) need
        to be linked in, or loading the shared objects may fail at
        runtime; so I added this to the link command. If other '-x<?>'
        options are used by the numpy distutils, the linker command 
        should be modified accordingly - so this patch probably is 
        not generic.

 - numpy-1.3.0rc1/numpy/distutils/intelccompiler.py:

   - A dedicated C++ compiler (icpc) is introduced and used for 
     compiling C++ code, *and* for linking: I have found that C++
     extensions require additional runtime libraries that are not 
     linked in with the normal icc command, causing the loading 
     of C++ extensions to fail at runtime. This used to be a problem
     with scipy in earlier versions, but I think currently, there's
     no C++ any more in scipy (but I could be wrong).

Hope this is useful,


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