[Numpy-discussion] Numpy 1.3.0 rc1 fails find_duplicates on Solaris

Mark Sienkiewicz sienkiew@stsci....
Mon Mar 30 11:28:38 CDT 2009

Numpy 1.3.0 rc1 fails this self-test on Solaris.

FAIL: Test find_duplicates
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/ra/pyssg/2.5.1/numpy/lib/tests/test_recfunctions.py", line 
163, in test_find_duplicates
    assert_equal(test[0], a[control])
  File "/usr/stsci/pyssgdev/2.5.1/numpy/ma/testutils.py", line 121, in 
    return assert_array_equal(actual, desired, err_msg)
  File "/usr/stsci/pyssgdev/2.5.1/numpy/ma/testutils.py", line 193, in 
    header='Arrays are not equal')
  File "/usr/stsci/pyssgdev/2.5.1/numpy/ma/testutils.py", line 186, in 
    verbose=verbose, header=header)
  File "/usr/stsci/pyssgdev/2.5.1/numpy/testing/utils.py", line 395, in 
    raise AssertionError(msg)
Arrays are not equal

(mismatch 50.0%)
 x: array([(1, (2.0, 'B')), (2, (2.0, 'B')), (2, (2.0, 'B')), (1, (2.0, 
      dtype=[('A', '>i4'), ('B', [('BA', '>f8'), ('BB', '|S1')])])
 y: array([(2, (2.0, 'B')), (1, (2.0, 'B')), (2, (2.0, 'B')), (1, (2.0, 
      dtype=[('A', '>i4'), ('B', [('BA', '>f8'), ('BB', '|S1')])])


The software I am using:

NumPy version 1.3.0rc1
Python version 2.5.1 (r251:54863, Jun  4 2008, 15:48:19) [C]
nose version 0.10.4

I think this identifies the compilers it was built with:

customize SunFCompiler
Found executable /opt/SUNWspro-6u2/bin/f90
Could not locate executable echo ranlib
customize SunFCompiler
customize SunFCompiler using config
C compiler: cc -DNDEBUG -O -xcode=pic32

It passes in Python 2.5.1 on these machines:
x86 macintosh, 32 bit
Red Hat Enterprise 4 Linux, x86, 32 bit
RHE 3, x86, 32 bit
RHE 4, x86, 64 bit
PowerPC mac, 32 bit  (Yes, even the PPC mac.)

I see that this is the same problem as 
http://projects.scipy.org/numpy/ticket/1039 but the data used in the 
test is different.

Mark S.

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