[Numpy-discussion] lost with slicing

Partridge, Matthew BGI SYD Matthew.Partridge@barclaysglobal....
Mon Mar 30 18:54:45 CDT 2009

I apologise if I'm asking an obvious question or one that has already
been addressed.

I've tried to understand the documentation in the numpy manual on
slicing, but I'm a bit lost.  I'm trying to do indexing using both
slices and index lists.  I have a problem when I do something like:

x[0, :, [0,1,2]]

Here are a couple of examples:

>>> a = numpy.arange(6).reshape(2,3)
>>> print a
[[0 1 2]
 [3 4 5]]
>>> print a[:, [0,1,2]]   # example 1 - this works as I expected
[[0 1 2]
 [3 4 5]]
>>> b = numpy.arange(6).reshape(1,2,3)
>>> print b
[[[0 1 2]
  [3 4 5]]]
>>> print b[0, :, [0,1,2]]  # example 2 - this seems to be the transpose
of what I was expecting
[[0 3]
 [1 4]
 [2 5]]
>>> print b[0, [[0],[1]], [[0,1,2]]] # example 3 - this is what I
[[0 1 2]
 [3 4 5]]

Am I doing something wrong?  Why do we get different behaviour in
example 2 compared with example 1 or example 3?

(I'm using numpy on python 2.4.1 for windows, but I've tried
some more recent versions of numpy as well.)


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