[Numpy-discussion] Structured array with no fields - possible?

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Mon May 4 23:56:22 CDT 2009


>> I'm trying to fix a bug in the scipy matlab loading routines, and this
>> requires me to somehow represent an empty structured array.
> Do you need the struct to be empty (size is 0) or to have no fields ?
> What would you expect np.zeros((), dtype=np.dtype([])) to return, for
> example ?

Yes, I've got nothing - I have no idea what that might return.

I'm afraid what I need is some way of representing the fact that I
have read, from matlab, a structure with no fields (and therefore no
data) that can be - say - shape (10,2) - or any other.

Some time ago we thought of switching to structured arrays to
represent matlab structs, but this begins to make me think again.

Thanks for the replies,


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