[Numpy-discussion] David does C code coverage!

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Fri May 8 13:49:28 CDT 2009

2009/5/8 Chris Colbert <sccolbert@gmail.com>:
> Now man up and buy him his beer!

All debt will be repaid at SciPy09!  The tally is currently:

Joe Harrington : 1 ice-cream
  I lost a bet on the number of people who would sign up to document
NumPy.  My bet: 30.  Current count: approaching 100.

David Cournapeau: 1 beer
  Implemented C code coverage, which is something I've wanted for a
very long time.

I am so happy I lost these bets/challenges, and I am willing to lose
more :-)  This also makes me wonder it would be worth keeping a page
with SciPy Bounties?

Enjoy your weekend!

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