[Numpy-discussion] building inplace with numpy.distutils?

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed May 13 20:42:42 CDT 2009

Robert Cimrman wrote:
> Hi (David)!
> I am evaluating numpy.distutils as a build/install system for my project 
> - is it possible to build the extension modules in-place so that the 
> project can be used without installing it?  A pointer to documentation 
> concerning this would be handy... Currently I use a regular Makefile for 
> the build, which works quite well, but is not very portable and does not 
> solve the package installation.
> Otherwise let me say that numpy.distutils work very well, much better 
> than the plain old distutils.

In-place builds can be setup with the -i option:

python setup.py build_ext -i

I think it is a plain distutils option.



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