[Numpy-discussion] numpy slices limited to 32 bit values?

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Thu May 14 01:22:41 CDT 2009

On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 11:04 PM, Charles R Harris <
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> On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 10:50 PM, Glenn Tarbox, PhD <glenn@tarbox.org>wrote:
>> I'm using the latest version of Sage (3.4.2) which is python 2.5 and numpy
>> something or other (I will do more digging presently)
>> I'm able to map large files and access all the elements unless I'm using
>> slices
>> so, for example:
>> fp = np.memmap("/mnt/hdd/data/mmap/numpy1e10.mmap", dtype='float64',
>> mode='r+', shape=(10000000000,))
>> which is 1e10 doubles if you don't wanna count the zeros
>> gives full access to a 75 GB memory image
>> But when I do:
>> fp[:] = 1.0
>> np.sum(fp)
>> I get 1410065408.0  as the result
> As doubles, that is more than 2**33 bytes, so I expect there is something
> else going on. How much physical memory/swap memory do you have? This could
> also be a python problem since python does the memmap.

I've been working on some other things lately and that number seemed related
to 2^32... now that I look more closely, I don't know where that number
comes from.

To your question, I have 32GB of RAM and virtually nothing else running...
Top tells me I'm getting between 96% and 98% for this process which seems
about right.

Here's the thing.  When I create the mmap file, I get the right number of
bytes.  I can, from what I can tell, update individual values within the
array (I'm gonna bang on it a bit more with some other scripts)

Its only when using slicing that things get strange (he says having not
really done a more thorough test)

Of course, I was assuming this is a 32 bit thing... but you're right...
where did that result come from???

The other clue here is that when I create my own slice (as described above)
it returns instantly... numpy doesn't throw an error but it doesn't do
anything with the slice either.

Since I'm IO bound anyways, maybe i'll just write a loop and see if I can't
set all the values.  The machine could use a little exercise anyways.


> Chuck
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