[Numpy-discussion] Overlap arrays with "transparency"

Cristi Constantin darkgl0w@yahoo....
Mon May 18 07:37:09 CDT 2009

Good day.
I am working on this algorithm for a few weeks now, so i tried almost everything...
I want to overlap / overwrite 2 matrices, but completely ignore some values (in this case ignore 0)
Let me explain:

a = [
[1, 2, 3, 4, 5],
[5,5,5] ]

b = [
[2,2,2,2] ]

Then, we have:

a over b = [
[5,5,5,2] ]

b over a = [
5,5,5] ]

That means, completely overwrite one list of arrays over the other, not matter what values one has, not matter the size, just ignore 0 values on overwriting.
I checked the documentation, i just need some tips.

TempA = [[]]
One For Cicle in here to get the Element data...
    Data = vElem.data                 # This is a list of numpy ndarrays.
    for nr_row in range( len(Data) ): # For each numpy ndarray (row) in Data.
        NData = Data[nr_row]                   # New data, to be written over old data.
        OData = TempA[nr_row:nr_row+1] or [[]] # This is old data. Can be numpy ndarray, or empty list.
        OData = OData[0]
        # NData must completely eliminate transparent pixels... here comes the algorithm... No algorithm yet.
        if len(NData) >= len(OData): 
            # If new data is longer than old data, old data will be completely overwritten.
            TempA[nr_row:nr_row+1] = [NData]
        else: # Old data is longer than new data ; old data cannot be null.
            TempB = np.copy(OData)
            TempB.put( range(len(NData)), NData )
            #TempB[0:len(NData)-1] = NData # This returns "ValueError: shape mismatch: objects cannot be broadcast to a single shape"
            TempA[nr_row:nr_row+1] = [TempB]
            del TempB
The result is stored inside TempA as list of numpy arrays.

I would use 2D arrays, but they are slower than Python Lists containing Numpy arrays. I need to do this overwrite in a very big loop and every delay is very important.
I tried to create a masked array where all "zero" values are ignored on overlap, but it doesn't work. Masked or not, the "transparent" values are still overwritten.
Please, any suggestion is useful.

Thank you.

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