[Numpy-discussion] Indexing with callables (was: Yorick-like functionality)

David J Strozzi strozzi2@llnl....
Mon May 18 11:21:39 CDT 2009

>The actual list of Yorick functions relevant here appears to be here:
>	http:// yorick.sourceforge.net/manual/yorick_46.php#SEC46
>	http:// yorick.sourceforge.net/manual/yorick_47.php#SEC47
>I must say that I don't see many functions missing in Numpy...
>David (Strozzi): are these the functions you meant? Are there more?
>Pauli Virtanen

Paul et al,

I see the numpy list is quite active, and I appreciate the discussion 
I started - and then went silent about!

foo(zcen,dif) is indeed syntax sugar, but it can be quite sweet! 
Haven't you seen how lab rats react to feedings of aspartame or other 

Anyway, the list above is indeed what I had in mind.  It seems a few 
are missing, like zcen, and perhaps it's worth it to add to numpy 
proper rather than have everyone write their own one-liners (and then 
have to deal w/ it when sharing code).

I leave it to the community's wisdom.  It seems enough smart people 
have thought about the issue.

I also like pointing out that Yorick was a fast, free environment 
developed by ~1990, when matlab/IDL were probably the only comparable 
games in town, but very few people ever used it.  I think this is a 
case study in the triumph of marketing over substance.  It looks like 
num/sci py are gaining enough momentum and visibility.  Hopefully the 
numerical science community won't be re-inventing this same wheel in 
5 years....


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