[Numpy-discussion] numpy failure under Windows Vista 64 bit

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue May 19 12:02:42 CDT 2009

Klaus Noekel wrote:
> I doubt that the DLL was not physically present and rather suspect a 
> dependency on some other DLL that was missing. The INSTALL.TXT 
> unfortunately was not helpful. Can anybody please explain what other 
> dependencies exist? Anything else I need to install?

This exact problem is specific to IDLE - I don't know what triggers it.
Today, the best solution for a 64 bits numpy on windows is to built it
yourself with MS compilers - the distributed one is built with mingw
compilers, and there still seems to be some stability problems with
those. Unfortunately, as the mingw debugger does not work either on 64
bits archs, finding the problem is quite hard.



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