[Numpy-discussion] Home for pyhdf5io?

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Thu May 21 15:04:00 CDT 2009

Dear list,
I'm writing this because i have developed a small python module that might  
be of interest to you the readers of this list:


It basically implements load/save functions that mimic the behaviour of  
those found in Matlab, ie with them you can store your variables from  
within the interactive shell (IPython, python) or from within a function,  
and then load them back in again. One important difference is that the hdf5  
format is used to store the variables, which comes with aa number of  
- a open standard file format which is supported by many applications.
- completely portable file format across different platforms.

Read more here: http://www.hdfgroup.org/HDF5/whatishdf5.html

And now to the question:

I think that this module is to small to be developed and maintained on its  
on, I think It would be better if it could be part of some larger project.  
So where would pyhdf5io fit in?
Any tips and ideas are highly appreciated.


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