[Numpy-discussion] Home for pyhdf5io?

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Fri May 22 03:00:56 CDT 2009

Hello Albert,

A Thursday 21 May 2009 22:32:10 escriguéreu:
> Hi,
> First of all thanks for your work on PyTables! I think it is excellent
> and it has been really nice working with it.
> I'm writing this because i have developed a small python module that
> uses pyTables:
> http://code.google.com/p/pyhdf5io/
> It basically implements load/save functions that mimic the behaviour
> of those found in Matlab, i.e. with them you can store your variables
> from within the interactive shell (IPython, python) or from within a
> function, and then load them back in again.

I've been having a look at your module and seems pretty cute.  Incidentally, 
there is another module module that does similar things:


However, I do like your package better in the sense that it adds more 'magic' 
to the load/save routines.  But maybe you want to have a look at the above:  
it can give you more ideas, like for example, using CArrays and compression 
for very large arrays, or Tables for structured arrays.

> And now to the question:
> I think that this module is to small to be developed and maintained on
> its own. I think It would be better if it could be part of some larger
> project, maybe pyTables, I don't know.

Sure.  I think it could fit perfectly as a module inside PyTables, in the same 
wave than 'filenode' and 'netcdf3'.  Most of your module can be dropped as-is 
into the PyTables module hierarchy.  However, it would be nice if you can 
write some documentation following the format of User's Guide chapters like 
the ones about 'filenode' or 'netcdf3' modules.

Please, let's continue the discussion in the PyTables list in case we need to.

Thanks for contributing!

Francesc Alted

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