[Numpy-discussion] Home for pyhdf5io?

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Mon May 25 01:57:47 CDT 2009

A Monday 25 May 2009 00:31:43 David Warde-Farley escrigué:
> As Robert's design document for the NPY format says, one option would
> be to implement a minimal subset of the HDF5 protocol *from scratch*
> (that would be required for saving NumPy arrays as top-level leaf
> nodes, for example). This would also sidestep any tricky licensing
> issues (I don't know what the HDF5 license is in particular, I know
> it's fairly permissive but still might not be suitable for including
> any of it in NumPy).

The license for HDF5 is BSD-based and apparently permissive enough, as can be 
seen in:


The problem is to select such a desired minimal protocol subset. In addition, 
this implementation may require quite a bit of work (but I've never had an in-
deep look at the guts of the HDF5 library, so I may be wrong).


Francesc Alted

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