[Numpy-discussion] List/location of consecutive integers (2)

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue May 26 19:07:39 CDT 2009

Andrea Gavana wrote:
>     I have tried the solutions proposed in the previous thread and it
> looks like Chris' one is the fastest for my purposes.

whoo hoo! What do I win? ;-)

> Splitting the reading process between 4 processes will require the
> exchange of 5-20 MB from the child processes to the main one: do you
> think my script will benefit from using multiprocessing?

If you are talking about multiprocessing to read the data in -- I don't 
think so -- that's probably IO bound anyway. You can't make your disks 
faster with multiple processors.

> Should I try another approach?

I don't know it will do anything for performance, but you might want to 
look at memory mapped arrays -- it's a very cool way to work with data 
files too big to want to bring into memory all at once.


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