[Numpy-discussion] Numpy vs PIL in image statistics

cp lubensch.proletariat.inc@gmail....
Thu May 28 03:51:09 CDT 2009

>> The image I tested initially is 2000x2000 RGB tif ~11mb in size.
I continued testing, with the initial PIL approach
and 3 alternative numpy scripts:

#Script 1 - indexing
for i in range(10):

#Script 2 - slicing
for i in range(10):

#Script 3 - reshape
for i in range(10):

#Script 4 - PIL
for i in range(10):
    stats = ImageStat.stat(img)

After profiling the four scripts separately I got the following
script 1: 5.432sec
script 2: 10.234sec
script 3: 4.980sec
script 4: 0.741sec

when I profiled scripts 1-3 without calculating the mean, I got similar
results of about 0.45sec for 1000 cycles, meaning that even if there
is a copy involved the time required is only a small fraction of the whole
procedure.Getting back to my initial statement I cannot explain why PIL 
is very fast in calculations for whole images, but very slow in
calculations of small sub-images.

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