[Numpy-discussion] Numpy vs PIL in image statistics

cp lubensch.proletariat.inc@gmail....
Thu May 28 04:10:28 CDT 2009

> I don't know anything about PIL and its implementation, but I would not
> be surprised if the cost is mostly accessing items which are not
> contiguous in memory and bounds checking ( to check where you are in the
> subimage). Conditional inside loops often kills performances, and the
> actual computation (one addition/item for naive average implementation)
> is negligeable in this case.

This would definitely be the case in sub-images. However, coming back to my
original question, how do you explain that although PIL is extremely fast in
large images (2000x2000), numpy is much faster when it comes down to very small
images (I tested with 10x10 image files)? 

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