[Numpy-discussion] Setting a firm release date for 1st december.

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> Subject: [Numpy-discussion] 1.4.0: Setting a firm release date for 1st
> 	december.
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> Hi,
> I think it is about time to release 1.4.0. Instead of proposing a
> release date, I am setting a firm date for 1st December, and 16th
> november to freeze the trunk. If someone wants a different date, you
> have to speak now.
> There are a few issues I would like to clear up:
> - Documentation for datetime, in particular for the public C API
> - Snow Leopard issues, if any
> Otherwise, I think there has been quite a lot of new features. If
> people want to add new functionalities or features, please do it soon,
> cheers,
> David

This seems like an appropriate opportunity to ping an issue I posted  
on Trac:
Basically, interp doesn't currently play nice with numpy scalars.  
Patch included with ticket (see second comment).

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