[Numpy-discussion] arrays comparison issue

Jean-Luc Menut jeanluc.menut@free...
Wed Nov 4 08:52:15 CST 2009

Hello all,

If if define 2 variables a and b by doing the following :

on [5]: a
Out[5]: array([ 1.7])

In [6]: b=array([0.8])+array([0.9])

In [7]: b
Out[7]: array([ 1.7])

if I test the equality of a and b, instead to obatin True, I have :
In [8]: a==b
Out[8]: array([False], dtype=bool)

I know it not related only to numpy but also to python.
How do you tackle this problem ?

(I also tried on IDL and it works well : I guess it truncate the number).

Thanks ,


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