[Numpy-discussion] Accessing LAPACK and BLAS from the numpy C API

Jake VanderPlas jakevdp@gmail....
Sat Nov 7 14:12:35 CST 2009

I'm working on wrapping a set of C++ routines for manifold learning
(LLE, Isomap, LTSA, etc) in python.  In the LLE routine, it is
necessary to loop through the input points and perform an svd of each
local covariance matrix.  Presently I have my own C-LAPACK wrapper
that I call within a C loop, but this seems non-ideal because numpy
already wraps LAPACK/ATLAS for linear algebra.  Does anybody know a
way to directly access the numpy.linalg routines from a C extension,
without the overhead of a python callback?  Thanks for the help.

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