[Numpy-discussion] Initial implementation of histogram_discrete()

Ernest Adrogué eadrogue@gmx....
Fri Nov 13 06:36:48 CST 2009

13/11/09 @ 09:41 (+0200), thus spake Priit Laes:
> Does anyone have a scenario where one would actually have both negative
> and positive numbers (integers) in the list?

Yes: when you have a random variable that is the difference
of two (discrete) random variables. For example, if you measure
the difference in number of days off per week because of sickness
between two groups of people, you would end up with a discrete
variable with both positive and negative integers.

> So, how about numpy.histogram_discrete() that returns data the way
> histogram() does: a list containing histogram values (ie counts) and
> list of sorted items from min(input)...max(input). ?

In my humble opinion, it would be nice.


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