[Numpy-discussion] Python 2.6, NumPy on CentOS 5.3

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Mon Nov 23 19:07:53 CST 2009

An application package that I have requires Python 2.6 and NumPy.

I've installed Python 2.6 in a parallel manner as follows:

NO modification of the core Python2.4 in /usr/bin has been done. Rather, I  
installed Python 2.6 under /opt/Python_2.6.4 and modified my user (not  
root) environment variables appropriately. The directory /opt/Python_2.6.4  
was modified with chown to give me rwx access.

To install NumPy, I've downloaded the latest .tgz sources (v1.3.0) to  
build. When I attempt to configure/build I receive various errors related  
to blas and lapack. The NumPy configuration is searching /usr/lib,  
/usr/lib64, /usr/local/lib, and /usr/local/lib64 for various blas, lapack,  
and atlas libraries. Within /usr/lib64 I do find a few lapack and blas and  
lapack libraries installed (libblas.so.3.1.1 and liblapack.so.3.1.1), but  
configure is not finding them. No atlas libraries are found, but my  
understanding is that these are deprecated anyway.

As an alternative, I tried to install NumPy using the standard Python 2.4.3  
using yum install NumPy but I receive an error saying that NumPy is  
obsoleted by PyNumeric. What?? PyNumeric is the precursor to NumPy. So even  
in the most basic instance, I cannot install NumPy because a deprecated  
library is seen as higher priority? Even given the generally out of date  
nature of CentOS this is unrealistic.

Finally, I could try to build blas and lapack myself, but this seems to  
border on insanity.

Any help is appreciated.

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