[Numpy-discussion] Windows 64-bit

Klaus Noekel Klaus.Noekel@gmx...
Thu Oct 1 13:43:36 CDT 2009

Hi all,

at the end of July David answered my question about future 64-bit 
Windows support as follows:

"There were some discussion about pushing 1.4.0 'early', but instead, I
think we let it slipped - one consequence is that there will be enough
time for 1.4.0 to be released with proper AMD64 support on windows.

The real issue is not numpy per-se, but making scipy work on top of
numpy in 64 bits mode. It is hard to give an exact date as to when those
issues will be fixed, but it is being worked on."

As our project needs 64-bit numpy under Windows quite soon, I am curious 
about the state of the project:

- Is a stable 64-bit Windows installer (with or without numpy 1.4.0) 
going to be released anytime SOON?
- We need only numpy, not scipy. Does that imply that we have a good 
chance of producing an install ourselves with the current sources? I am 
a bit concerned, because earlier posts indicated that the issue is not 
trivial. Or have all the hard aspects to do with scipy?

Thanks for an update!

Klaus Nökel

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