[Numpy-discussion] rc1 of the chebyshev module.

Charles R Harris charlesr.harris@gmail....
Sat Oct 3 20:12:29 CDT 2009

Attached is the first rc of the chebyshev module. The module documentation
is not yet complete and no doubt the rest of the documentation needs to be
reviewed. The tests cover basic functionality at this point but need to be
extended to cover the Chebyshev object. Nevertheless, the module should be

Note that the most convenient way to do the least squared fits is with the
static method Chebyshev.fit, which will return a Chebyshev object that
contains both the resulting Chebyshev series and its domain.

Some naming questions remain. ISTM that "lstsq" or "leastsq" might be a
better name than fit. Likewise, I have kept the poly1d names "deriv" and
"integ", but "der" and "int" might be more appropriate.

Operators behave as expected for +, -, and * but there is no truedivision
unless both operands can be interpreted as scalars. When division hasn't
been imported from __future__, the / and // operators are both floordivision
and % returns the remainder. Divmod behaves as expected.

Any feedback is welcome.

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