[Numpy-discussion] Convert data into rectangular grid

denis bzowy denis-bz-py@t-online...
Mon Oct 5 04:55:26 CDT 2009

jah <jah.mailinglist <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Thanks all.  Robert, griddata is exactly what I was looking for.  David, I
think that should work too.  And Denis, griddata is sufficiently fast that I am
not complaining---contouring about 1e6 or 1e7 points typically.

Fyinfo, take a look at http://yt.enzotools.org
"YT is an analysis and visualization system written in Python, designed for use
with Adaptive Mesh Refinement codes ..."
I haven't used it, but the doc and pictures are terrific, top 2 % or better

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