[Numpy-discussion] Building a new copy of NumPy

Gökhan Sever gokhansever@gmail....
Wed Oct 7 09:55:33 CDT 2009


I checked-out the latest trunk and make a new installation of NumPy. My
question: Is it a known behaviour that this action will result with
re-building other packages that are dependent on NumPy. In my case, I had to
re-built matplotlib, and now scipy.

Here is the error message that I am getting while I try to import a scipy

I[1]: run lab4.py
RuntimeError                              Traceback (most recent call last)

RuntimeError: FATAL: module compiled aslittle endian, but detected different
endianness at runtime
ImportError                               Traceback (most recent call last)

/home/gsever/AtSc450/labs/04_thermals/lab4.py in <module>()
      3 import numpy as np
----> 4 from scipy import stats

/home/gsever/Desktop/python-repo/scipy/scipy/stats/__init__.py in <module>()
      5 from info import __doc__
----> 7 from stats import *
      8 from distributions import *
      9 from rv import *

/home/gsever/Desktop/python-repo/scipy/scipy/stats/stats.py in <module>()
    196 # Scipy imports.

    197 from numpy import array, asarray, dot, ma, zeros, sum
--> 198 import scipy.special as special
    199 import scipy.linalg as linalg
    200 import numpy as np

/home/gsever/Desktop/python-repo/scipy/scipy/special/__init__.py in
      6 #from special_version import special_version as __version__

----> 8 from basic import *
      9 import specfun
     10 import orthogonal

/home/gsever/Desktop/python-repo/scipy/scipy/special/basic.py in <module>()
      7 from numpy import *
----> 8 from _cephes import *
      9 import types
     10 import specfun

ImportError: numpy.core.multiarray failed to import
WARNING: Failure executing file: <lab4.py>

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