[Numpy-discussion] NumPy SVN broken

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Thu Oct 8 10:01:37 CDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 8, 2009 at 8:55 PM, Travis Oliphant <oliphant@enthought.com> wrote:
> The problem I have with spending time on it though is that there is still
> more implementation work to finish on the datetime functionality to complete
> the NEP implementation.      Naturally, I'd like to see those improvements
> made first.  But, time-spent is usually a function of how much time it takes
> to "get-in" to the code, so I won't try to distract you if you have a clear
> idea about how to proceed.

Would it be possible to include next changes in small self-contained
commits ? It really makes the review easier to follow for me, and
tracking regressions is easier as well. Git-svn makes this easy.


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