[Numpy-discussion] simple array multiplication question

per freem perfreem@gmail....
Mon Oct 12 22:53:05 CDT 2009

hi all,

i am trying to write a simple product of 3 arrays (as vectorized code)
but am having some difficulty. i have three arrays, one is a list
containing several lists:

p = array([[ 0.2,  0.8], [ 0.5,  0.5], [ 0.3,  0.7]])

each list in the array 'p' is of size N -- in this case N = 2. i have
a second array containing a set of numbers, each between 0 and N-1:

l = array([0, 0, 1])

and finally an array of the same size as l:

s = array([10, 20, 30])

what i want to do is pick the columns l of p, and multiply each one by
the numbers in s. the first step, picking columns l of p, is simply:

cols = p[arange(3), l]

then i want to multiply each one by the numbers in s, and i do it like this:

cols * s.reshape(3,1)

this seems to work, but i am concerned that it might be inefficient.
is there a cleaner way of doing this? is 'arange' operation necessary
to reference all the 'l' columns of p? also, is the reshape operation

thanks very much.

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