[Numpy-discussion] extension questions: f2py and cython

Robin robince@gmail....
Thu Oct 15 07:53:48 CDT 2009


I have another question about distributing a Python extension which
uses f2py wrapped code. Ideally I'd like to keep pure Python/Numpy
alternatives and just use fortran version if available - but I think
that should be OK.

I'm more worried about distributing binaries on Windows - I think on
Mac/Linux it would be ok to have a fortran compiler required and build
it - but on Windows I guess one should really distribute binaries.

What is the recommended (free) fortran 95 compiler for use with f2py
on windows (gfortan with cygwin?)
Is it possible to get f2py to build a static library on windows so I
can just distribute that? Or will I need to include library files from
the compiler?
How many different binary versions does one need to support common
recent windows setups? I guess I need a different binary for each
major python version and 32/64 bits (ie 2.5 32bit, 2.6 32bit, 2.5
64bit, 2.6 64bit). Is this right, or would different binaries be
required for XP, Vista, 7 etc. ?

Can anyone point me to a smallish Python package that includes fortran
code in this way that I could look to for inspiration?



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