[Numpy-discussion] why does binary_repr don't support arrays

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Tue Oct 20 04:17:47 CDT 2009


I'm always wondering why binary_repr doesn't allow arrays as input values. 
I always have to use a work around like:

import numpy as np

def binary_repr(arr, width=None):
    binary_list = map((lambda foo: np.binary_repr(foo, width)), 
    str_len_max = len(np.binary_repr(arr.max(), width=width))
    str_len_min = len(np.binary_repr(arr.min(), width=width))
    if str_len_max > str_len_min:
        str_len = str_len_max
        str_len = str_len_min
    binary_array = np.fromiter(binary_list, dtype='|S'+str(str_len))
    return binary_array.reshape(arr.shape)

Is there a reason why arrays are not supported or is there another 
function that does support arrays?


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