[Numpy-discussion] recommended way to run numpy on snow leopard

Robin robince@gmail....
Wed Oct 21 04:46:54 CDT 2009


I was wondering what the recommended way to run numpy/scipy on mac os
x 10.6 is. I understood previously it was recommended to use
python.org python and keep everything seperate from the system python,
which worked well. But now I would like to have a 64 bit python and
numpy, and there isn't one available from python.org. Also I think the
python.org ones are built against the 10.4 SDK which I understand
requires using gcc 4.0 - I was keen to try 4.2 to see if some of the
differential performance I've seen between c and fortran goes away.

So I guess the choices are system python with a virtualenv or a
macports built python (or a hand built python).

I'm thinking of using macports at the moment but I'm not sure how to
handle preventing macports numpy from installing so I can use svn
numpy. I'm not sure how the virtualenv will work with packaged
installers - (ie how could I tell the wx installer to install into the

I was wondering what others do?



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