[Numpy-discussion] recommended way to run numpy on snow leopard

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Wed Oct 21 05:41:18 CDT 2009

Robin wrote:
> Thanks - that looks ideal. I take it $HOME/.local is searched first so
> numpy will be used fromt here in preference to the system numpy.

Yes, unless framework-enabled python does something 'fishy' (I think
framework vs convention python have different rules w.r.t. sys.path). As
always, in doubt, you should check with numpy.__file__ which one is loaded.

> My only worry is with installer packages - I'm thinking mainly of
> wxpython. Is there a way I can get that package to install in
> $HOME/.local. (The installer only seems to let you choose a drive).

is wxpython supported on python 64 bits ? I don't know if you can
install a .mpkg in $HOME/.local. It is not supported by python AFAIK,
and I think you would have to hack something to make it work.

May just be easier to build by yourself.

> Also - if I build for example vim against the system python, will I be
> able to see packages in $HOME/.local from the python interpreter
> inside vim?

I don't know about vim-python interaction: doesn't vim uses its own
python embedded within vim process ? You would have to check sys.path
and similar variables, as well as vim doc.


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