[Numpy-discussion] Objected-oriented SIMD API for Numpy

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Thu Oct 22 03:59:21 CDT 2009

Mathieu Blondel skrev:
> As I wrote earlier in this thread, I confused Cython and CPython. PN
> was suggesting to include Numpy in the CPython  distribution (not
> Cython). The reason why was also given earlier.
First, that would currently not be possible, as NumPy does not support 
Py3k. Second, the easiest way to port NumPy to Py3k is Cython, which 
would prevent adoption in the Python standard library. At least they 
have to change their current policy. Also with NumPy in the standard 
library, any modification to NumPy would require a PEP.

But Python should have a PEP 3118 compliant buffer object in the 
standard library, which NumPy could subclass.


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