[Numpy-discussion] recommended way to run numpy on snow leopard

David Warde-Farley dwf@cs.toronto....
Fri Oct 23 04:02:45 CDT 2009

On 21-Oct-09, at 11:01 AM, Ryan May wrote:

> ~/.local was added to *be the standard* for easily installing python
> packages in your user account.  And it works perfectly on the other
> major OSes, no twiddling of paths anymore.

I've had a lot of headaches with ~/.local on Ubuntu, actually.  
Apparently Ubuntu has some crazy 'dist-packages' thing going on in  
parallel to site-packages and /usr and /usr/local and its precedence  
is unclear. virtualenv also doesn't know jack about it (speaking of  
which, there's no way to control precedence of ~/.local with  
virtualenv, so I can't use virtualenv to override ~/.local if I want  
to treat "~/.local as the new site-packages").

Packaging is still more pain than it should be on *any* platform, I  
think, and I doubt we'll have it all sorted out until somewhere in the  
mid-to-upper 3.x's. :(


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