[Numpy-discussion] [Cython] Syntax highlighting for Cython and NumPy

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Tue Oct 27 18:25:36 CDT 2009

Lisandro Dalcin skrev:
> Is there any specific naming convention for these XML files to work
> with KATE? Would it be fine to call it 'cython-mode-kate.xml' to push
> it to the repo? Will it still work (I mean, with that name) when
> placed appropriately in KATE config dirs or whatever? ... Just
> concerned that 'cython.xml' is a bit too generic filename...
You can name it anything you want. The file has an entry like this:

<language name="Cython with NumPy" version="1.1" kateversion="2.4" 
section="Sources" extensions="*.pyx;*.pxi;*.pxd"

that tells KDE what this is and where to put it.

I was thinking of changing section to "Scientific",  because that I 
where I want to put  "Python with NumPy" as well. It makes sence to have 
NumPy highlighting alongside Matlab and Octave.


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