[Numpy-discussion] Segfault when using scipy.special.hermite?

Pauli Virtanen pav@iki...
Wed Oct 28 17:31:02 CDT 2009

ke, 2009-10-28 kello 14:21 +0100, Ole Streicher kirjoitti:
> Is there something wrong with scipy.special.hermite? The following
> code produces glibc errors:

It's probably this issue:


The most likely cause is that the linear algebra libraries
(ATLAS/BLAS/LAPACK) shipped with that version of 64-bit Opensuse are
somehow broken. At least on Mandriva it turned out that the problem did
not appear if ATLAS was not installed, and it also went away with a
newer version of LAPACK.

(special.hermite is pure-python code. The only part that can cause
problems is scipy.linalg.eig or numpy.linalg.eig, and, much less likely,
scipy.special.gamma. The former are thin wrappers around LAPACK

Pauli Virtanen

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