[Numpy-discussion] How to concatenate two arrayswithout duplicating memory?

"V. Armando Solé" sole@esrf...
Wed Sep 2 04:31:06 CDT 2009

Citi, Luca wrote:
> As Gaël pointed out you cannot create A, B and then C
> as the concatenation of A and B without duplicating
> the vectors.
> But you can still re-link A to the left elements
> and B to the right ones afterwards by using views into C.

Thanks for the hint. In my case the A array is already present and the 
contents of the B array can be read from disk.

At least I have two workarounds making use of your suggested solution of 

- create the C array, copy the contents of A to it and read the contents 
of B directly into C with duplication of the memory of A during some time.

- save the array A in disk, create the array C, read the contents of A 
and B into it and re-link A and B with no duplication but ugly.



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