[Numpy-discussion] Fastest way to parsing a specific binay file

Gökhan Sever gokhansever@gmail....
Wed Sep 2 09:38:22 CDT 2009


I want to be able to parse a binary file which hold information regarding to
experiment configuration and data obviously. Both configuration and data
sections are variable-length. A chuck this data is shown as below (after a
binary read operation)

Version = 1\n', 'ProjectName = PME1 2009 King Air N825ST\n', 'FlightId =
\n', 'AircraftType = WMI King Air 200\n', 'AircraftId = N825ST\n',
'OperatorName = Weather Modification Inc.\n', 'Comments = \n', '\x00\x00@

In binary form the file is 1.3MB, and when written to a txt file it expands
to 3.7MB totalling approximately 4 million characters. When fully processed
(with an IDL code) it produces 86 seperate configuration files, and 46 ascii
files for data, about 10-15 different instruments and in various
combinations plus sampling rates.

I attemted to use RE module, however the time it takes parse the file is
really longer than I expected. What would be wisest and fastest way to
tackle this issue? Upon successful re-construction of the data and metadata,
I am planning to use a much modular structure like HDF5 or netCDF4 for an
easy data storage and analyses.

Thank you.

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