[Numpy-discussion] adaptive interpolation on a regular 2d grid

denis bzowy denis-bz-py@t-online...
Wed Sep 2 11:33:08 CDT 2009

Robert Kern <robert.kern <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Looks good! Where can we get the code? Can this be specialized for 1D

Re code: sure, I'll be happy to post it if anyone points me to a real test
case or two, to help me understand the envelope -- 100^2 -> 500^2 grid ?
(Splines on regular grids are fast and robust, hard to beat.)

Re 1d: I have an old version using 2 point - 2 slope splines, overkill,
will trim it.

(Is there a sandbox or wiki of interpolation testcases, not images ?)

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