[Numpy-discussion] creating mesh data from xyz data

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Tue Sep 8 10:38:35 CDT 2009

Giuseppe Aprea wrote:
> I have some files with data stored in columns:
> x1     y1     z1
> x2     y2     z2
> x3     y3     z3
> x4     y4     z4
> x5     y5     z5
> I usually load data using 3 lists: x, y and z; I wonder if there is
> any function which is able to take these 3 lists and return the right
> inputs for matplotlib functions.

There may b e some MPL utilities that help with this, so you may want to 
ask there, but:

What you want to do depends on the nature of your data. If your data is 
on a rectangular structured grid, the you should use your knowledge of 
the data structure to re-create that structure to pass to MPL.

If it is unstructured data: i.e. the (x,y) points are at arbitrary 
positions, then you need some sort of interpolation scheme to get an 
appropriate rectangular mesh:

Here's a good start:



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