[Numpy-discussion] Fwd: GPU Numpy

Francesc Alted faltet@pytables....
Wed Sep 9 04:26:06 CDT 2009

A Tuesday 08 September 2009 23:21:53 Christopher Barker escrigué:
> Also, perhaps a GPU-aware numexpr could be helpful which I think is the
> kind of thing that Sturla was refering to when she wrote:
> "Incidentally,  this will  also make it easier to leverage on modern GPUs."

Numexpr mainly supports functions that are meant to be used element-wise, so 
the operation/element ratio is normally 1 (or close to 1).  In these scenarios 
is where improved memory access is much more important than CPU (or, for that 
matter, GPU), and is the reason why numexpr is much more efficient than NumPy 
when evaluating complex expressions like ``a*b+c*sqrt(d)``.

In other words, a GPU-enabled numexpr makes little sense.

Francesc Alted

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