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A Thursday 10 September 2009 10:58:13 Rohit Garg escrigué:
> > Where are you getting this info from? IMO the technology of memory in
> > graphics boards cannot be so different than in commercial motherboards.
> > It could be a *bit* faster (at the expenses of packing less of it), but
> > I'd say not as much as 4x faster (100 GB/s vs 25 GB/s of Intel i7 in
> > sequential access), as you are suggesting. Maybe this is GPU cache
> > bandwidth?
> This is publicly documented. You can start off by looking at the
> wikipedia stuff.
> For reference,
> gtx280-->141GBps-->has 1GB
> ati4870-->115GBps-->has 1GB
> ati5870-->153GBps (launches sept 22, 2009)-->2GB models will be there too
> Next gen nv gpu's will *assuredly* have bandwidth in excess of 200 GBps.
> This is *off chip memory bandwidth* from graphics memory (aka video
> ram). GPU have (very small) caches but they don't reduce memory
> latency.

That's nice to see.  I think I'll change my mind if someone could perform a 
vector-vector multiplication (a operation that is typically memory-bounded) in 
double precision up to 5x times faster on a gtx280 nv card than in a Intel's 
i7 CPU.

Francesc Alted
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